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We are professionals, with experience in different sectors, who try to provide solutions and support to companies that give us their trust by proposing their production problems in the metalworking sector.

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We strive to maintain highest standards while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels. Through cross industrial collaborations and representation of companies.

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our passion for what we do is beyond measures we go an extra mile to ensure the best and nothing but the best is given to our clients.

we value honesty and to this effect you don’t need to be afraid of any false or misleading recommendations from us ,we give specifications as they are  with no manipulations of information to suit our interest.

From the star of ASA we have tremendously embrace the wind of change in all domains especially technology.to this effect we represent and collaborate with numerous trust worthy companies to effective satisfy your needs 

we have influnced the decision of many clients who face deficulties in getting the right machine tool for their organisation after our consultation the client needs is satisfied and they are always delighted about our services.

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All our dealings are characterized by credible integrity ,we value integrity to be an integral part of us

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our team of committed staff work hand in glove with you to bring sustainable solutions proposal

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with so many years of experience in the field we understand an provide expert advice to companies

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our services are very unique our experts assure you with the very best quality for your company

We are trusted by more than many clients

Our services has positively influenced the purchasing decisions of hundreds who a times are caught up with the problem of choosing the right equipment or the right producer to get the equipment 

We provide you with our latest news on our products, innovations, and new techniques. Plus, we also let you know more about our current projects. Feel free to check out our news page updates.


Thanks to Vimacchine, together with colleagues and some customers, I participated in the Hyundai Wia Europe 2020 Open House in Russelsheim (Germany) in the new Tech Cube facility inaugurated last year. We were able to visit the various departments of the Tech Cube starting from the Show Room to the spare parts warehouse and also the Research and Development offices and the division ...


This week we finished installing an ONA QX6 die-sinking EDM in an important company in the province of Ancona. The machine, which arrived at the end of 2019, was installed in December and, upon returning from holidays, various checks were carried out for acceptance and courses for operators. Also in this case …


Pending the holidays we publish the last two installations. Two small but big machines: a HYUNDAI F500 / 40 PLUS machining center and a HYUNDAI SE2000MC lathe. The HYUNDAI F500 / 40 Plus machining center is part of a wide range of vertical centers that are particularly competitive for their versatility, productivity and ease of use, with the possibility of enriching them with numerous accessories.

Solution for all Industrial and small scale automation.

We are always here to answer all your questions and bring you possible solutions to your day-to-day companies projects. 

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