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This site offers an overview of our activities and information on the products of greatest interest to the companies we work with.

Who wE Are

We are professionals, with experience in various sectors, who try to provide solutions and support to companies that give us their trust by proposing their production problems in the metalworking sector, and beyond.

Power & Energy

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Construction & Engineering

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Ship Building Industry

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our passion for what we do goes beyond what is needed, we go one step further to guarantee the best to our customers.

we value honesty, we provide specifications as they are with no information manipulation. We are characterized by transparency and reliability in what we offer.

We are not satisfied with the good results obtained and we have embraced the wind of change with determination in all sectors, especially technology. To this end, we represent and collaborate with numerous trustworthy companies to effectively meet your needs

we have influenced the decision of many customers who encounter difficulties in choosing the right machine tool for their organization and we are pleased to see that, after our advice, the customer’s needs are met and thank us for our services

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Creditable Integrity

Professional ethics. All our relationships are characterized by transparency and reliability, we appreciate that seriousness is an integral part of relationships.

Effective Team Work

Our team of committed staff work hand in glove with you to bring satisfaction our team of trained personnel works closely with you to bring proposals for sustainable solution proposal.

Expert Advice

with so many years of experience in the sector we offer concrete advice to companies.

Quality Assurance

Our services are very unique our experts assure you with the very best quality for your company.

We have gained the trust of many customers

Our services has positively influenced the purchasing decisions of hundreds who a times are caught up with the problem of choosing the right equipment or the right producer to get the equipment. 

We bring you the latest news on our products, innovations and new techniques. Furthermore, we inform you about our current projects. Feel free to check our news page for updates

LAG Machinery SamuExpo


Nonostante non sia così vicino alle nostre zone ho visitato la fiera SAMUEXPO 2022 a Pordenone e sono rimasto piacevolmente impressionato dalla partecipazione,…

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Centro di lavoro a doppia colonna KAFO RVM5122

Work in progress

Stanno andando a regime le macchine consegnate a fine anno e siamo in attesa di installare le nuove in arrivo. Particolare attenzione per…

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Our 2021 Journey

Solution for all Industrial and small scale automation.

We are always here to answer all your questions and bring you possible solutions to your day-to-day companies projects. 

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